Sterling Silver Navajo Handmade Cluster Turquoise Stone Squash Blossom Necklace Set

Kachina City

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Naja Size: 2 3/4 Inch By 2 1/4 Inch

Blossoms Size (All): 6 Inches

End to End (without Naja): 14 inch

Full Necklace: 12 Inch

Necklace Weight: 120 Grams

Earrings Size: 1 Inch By 3/4 Inch

Earrings Weight (Both): 9.9 Grams

This lovely set is made from sterling silver and it comes beautifully clustered with turquoise stones.

The necklace comes with 13 pieces and they are, the naja and 12 blossoms. They also come with beautiful cluster hook earrings to match the necklace.

This set is made by the Navajo tribe which they are really known for their amazing artwork and unique designs. The maker is named Danny Perry.

This set is signed (Stamped) to assure you that is is made from sterling silver and to show the artist signature.

Note: Size and weight are not 100% accurate or precise, but we strive to get the closest and the best measurements we can. Please consider this before you make a purchase.