Sterling Silver Half Inlay Half Hollow Different Stones Heart Shape Pendant

Kachina City


Pendant Size: About 1 1/4 Inch By 1 Inch.
Pendant Weight: About 4 Grams.
These beautiful  pendants are made from sterling silver and they come nicely inlayed with different stones such as: Turquoise, Opal, Spiny Oyster, Black Onyx, Gaspeite and much more.
These pendants come in a shape of a heart. Today, the heart shape is the universal symbol of romantic love. The heart shape, by a modern definition, is an ideograph used to express the idea of the “heart” in its metaphorical or symbolic sense as the core of emotion, affection, and love. It refers mostly, but not only, to romantic love.
They are inlayed on one half and the other half is hollow for a breathable fit.
These pendants do not come with a chain or necklace.
They are stamped in the back to assure you that they are made from sterling silver  and to show the artist signature and hallmark.
Size and weight are not 100% accurate, but we do our best to get the closest measurements possible.
Please contact us for any questions you have about our products.