Navajo Native Handmade Sand Painting two Canyon Bear Long Hole Pot Woven Basket Triple Rocker Switch Plate Cover

Kachina City


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 Size: About 5 Inch by 6.75 inch.
Weight: About 45 Grams.
Sandpainting is the art of pouring colored sands, and powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, or pigments from other natural or synthetic sources onto a surface to make a fixed, or unfixed sand painting.
This is a triple rocker plate.
This piece comes with a colorful canyon with pottery, woven basket, bear design.
Note: since they are produced in quantity, you may not receive the same one in the picture, some might have different colors & shades. But you will receive the same design on the painting.
These lovely pieces are Native handmade and it is made by Mollie Goldtooth. She is ver known by her art and amazing designs.
 Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the product.