Navajo Handmade Painted Aspen Wood 3'' Inch Long Hair Kachina Doll

Kachina City

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Kachina Size: About 3 Inch.
Base Size: Varies from 1 up to 2 Inch.
3'' Inch Kachina Doll Weight: About 8 Grams.
These lovely Kachina Dolls are made from aspen wood. It is also hand painted with different colors to make sure it has the unique look.
These kachina dolls also come with real feathers.
This Kachina Doll is called Long Hair, The Long Hair Katsina is a singer of sweet songs who brings rain and flowers. His beard and loose tassels of feathers symbolize rain and clouds. They appear as dancers in a group at Niman and at plaza dances with manas. Their purpose is to bring rain, and it is said that they seldom dance without the appearance of a soft gentle rain.
These Kachina Dolls are made by the Navajo Tribe. The artist name that creates and builds these dolls are Jacida Loley and Dwayne Loley.
Each Kachina Doll is made with different Material colors. When purchased the kachina will be shipped out to you at random color. you will receive the actual spirit you chose but the colors will be shipped out randomly. Or you can leave a message in the checkout page stating the color you would like to receive and we will try to send it if It is in stock.
All kachina dolls are signed at the base of it to assure you the name of the artists and the authenticity of the item.