Handmade Bone Carved Full Landing Eagle Full Body No Paint Feather Detailed with Wood Base Table Fetish

Kachina City

$79.99 $99.99

Table Fetish Size: About 4 Inch by 1 1/4 Inch.
Base Size: About 2 1/4 Inch in Diameter.
Table Fetish Weight: About 39 Grams.
These table fetishes are made out of real animal bones, and they come beautifully carved with amazing details.
This table fetish comes carved with a flying landing eagle body.
The feathers on the piece is very nice carved and can see the detail.
This table fetish comes with a round wood base.
They are not made in the USA; they are from over seas.
These table fetishes come with different shade colors and might not be the exact same one in the picture. but they are all the same design.
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