Hand-Painted Oval Shape with Hearts Pink Wide Opening Vase Pottery Set

Kachina City


Larger Pottery Size: About 3 1/2 Inch by 12 inch in Diameter.
Smaller Pottery Size: About 2 1/2 Inch by 9 inch in Diameter.
Larger Pottery Weight : About 185 Grams.
Smaller Pottery Weight : About 100 Grams.
This lovely pottery is handmade and painted with different colors such as: Black, Pink, Light Blue, Brown & White.
This is a piece set.
This pottery is NOT made by any native artists.
These pots come with different shade colors and might not be the exact same one in the images. but they are all the same design.
Size and measurements are not 100% accurate, but we strive to get the best and closest measurements possible.
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the product.