Gina Arrighetti

Some of the highest quality Southwestern pottery seen today comes from the studio of Gina Arrighetti. A Native From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Gina has always had an interest and appreciation for the fine art and beautiful landscapes of the Southwest.
Gina, a Self-taught artist, inspired by the enchanting beauty and rich cultures of New Mexico, has captured the colors and figures of the Southwest on her pottery. Warm shades of the desert, sunrises to sunsets and the darkness of night are depicted creating a painting accented with 22kt gold.
Each design is hand drawn, making every piece uniquely different. Paints, textures glazes and 22kt gold are applied at various stages. Each piece of pottery is fired a minimum of three times. The high quality, diverse shapes and designs have created a demand by collectors. Gina's pottery can be seen in fine galleries throughout the Southwest.
Though her unique style Gina shares her reflections of the majestic Southwest with you!.